How to prepare for your PMU procedure

  • Please discontinue all facial products that contain retinoids, retinol, retin-a/tretinoin, glycolic, lactic or AHA acids for a minimum of 14 days prior to your appointment
    *These are exfoliating acids that are commonly found in anti-aging products that thin the skin, making it not suitable for tattooing.*

    Do not consume alcohol or any blood thinners within 48 hours- Aspirin, Ibuprofen, or Niacin will cause excess bleeding and may affect your healed results.

    Discontinue fish oil, turmeric herbal supplements within 14 days. These supplements can also thin the blood, causing undesirable results.

    No antibiotics or steroids for 2 weeks prior to your PMU appointment.

    No tanning or sunburned skin
    Sunburned skin is wounded skin, not suitable for a PMU procedure.

    Any botox/filler injections should be done at least two weeks prior/after. Injections have their own aftercare instructions.

    No facial treatments, surgeries, exfoliants, laser or chemical peels within 14 days.The skin needs time to recover after aggressive/invasive procedures prior to being tattooed.

    Scars, moles within the treatment area. Healed pigment over scars is not guaranteed. Moles cannot be tattooed.

    On the day of your PMU appointment do not exercise or consume caffeine. Exercising increases your blood pressure/blood flow and caffeine can thin your blood, causing undesirable results.

    If you have any additional medical conditions, concerns, or are on any medications (any autoimmune diseases, thyroid, diabetes, etc.) please contact prior to booking. You may not be a candidate for tattooing or you may be asked to provide documentation from your physician.

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